Belkin 6-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector


Belkin 6-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector


Belkin 6-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector

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Belkin 6-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector

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You have got a lot of revenue invested in your dwelling laptop or computer and peripherals, so you have to have to guard them. The Belkin BE106000-two.5 6-Outlet Property Surge Protector with two.five-Foot Cord is designed to give you the peace of mind you want in case a power disturbance hits your household.

The 6-Outlet surge protector gives you peace of thoughts throughout power disturbances. .
This Belkin 6-Outlet Surge Protector provides:
  • Residence power protection for property computer systems
  • Protection for computers, peripherals, telephones, and alot more
  • A slim, sleek design
  • A $15,000 Connected Gear Warranty

Keeping the Computer systems RunningAs the demand for electrical energy to feed our hi-tech appetite increases, the likelihood of power interruptions and difficulties are also increasing. In addition to concerns brought on by the escalating severity of storms across the country, power specialists are predicting that raising power demand will soon put most important population centers at threat for severe power issues. As you know, power lulls and surges can severely harm your electronic equipment and even destroy your invaluable information.
This Belkin Household Series Surge Protector delivers premium power protection for tiny home appliances, common household electronics, entry-level computer systems, printers, and ADSL modems. Belkin has implemented advanced design components, best-top quality construction, and superior circuitry and components to present the most complete protection from power surges, spikes, and AC contamination accessible. Belkin backs this model with a lifetime product warranty and a $15,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.
This surge protector is also stylishly designed its slim, sleek case blends seamlessly with today's modern day electronics and appliances, although saving precious space.

Belkin delivers surge protection for general electronics, household appliances, and alot more.
You've got a lot of capital invested in your dwelling computer and peripherals, so you want to protect them. The Belkin BE106000-2.five 6-Outlet Residence Surge Protector with 2.five-Foot Cord is created to give you the peace of mind you have to have in case a power disturbance hits your household. This item does not come with a wall hugger plug.
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Technical Details

  • 6-outlet surge protector with 2.5-foot cord
  • Ideal solution for small home appliances, general household electronics, entry-level computers, printers, and ADSL modems
  • Provides complete protection from power surges, spikes, and AC contamination
  • Slim design reduces office clutter
  • Belkin Lifetime Warranty and $15,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

Client Critiques

I work in the IT market, so each time people today move offices they come to me for a power strip. I get these power strips on a regular basis for the reason that:
1. They have seemed to guard adequately for surges
two. They are rather compact
three. They are low-priced
four. The significant 1-- the power switch is on the side where the power cable exits the strip. This has a major advantage.
You'd be amazed how countless times folks, cleaning crews or others accidentally flip the power switch on a power strip that may be beneath the edge of a desk or in an location that can get bumped but is not simply seen. That also causes complications since consumers don't have an understanding of why their stuff isn't working. Getting the switch on the side substantially reduces the frequency with which I get calls due to the fact "stuff stopped working"... No 1 ever expects the easy answer and normally assume a device has gone undesirable, etc.
The color fits in with your common workplace creme color, and unless you are going to get a power squid or UPS I would not devote much more on a power strip than the cost of this.

So far so great.....wanted a smaller 1 for my macbook.....didn't need to have a massive outlet protector for the spot, and this filled the bill. Arrived easily, fantastic price tag, it operates!

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You Save : $3.74 (37%)
Belkin 6-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector

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