Belkin Conserve Switch F7C01008q Energy-Saving Surge with Remote


Belkin Conserve Switch F7C01008q Energy-Saving Surge with Remote


Belkin Conserve Switch F7C01008q Energy-Saving Surge with Remote
Belkin Conserve Switch F7C01008q Energy-Saving Surge with Remote

Item Description

From the Manufacturer
The Belkin Conserve Switch Surge Protector with Remote lets you control power to your complete computer program with a single click. The included wireless remote makes it quick to shut off power--which includes standby power--to up to six devices at once, such as your computer, monitor, printer, external tough drives, speakers, and additional. Moreover, two Usually-On Outlets remain on for devices that have to have continuous power, like your router or cordless telephone. Spot the remote on a desk or shelf, or use the included wall mount.

F7C01008 Conserve SwitchSurge Protector with RemoteAt a Glance:
  • Wireless remote lets you control from up to 60 feet away
  • A single click eliminates power to six remote-switched outlets
  • two Continually-On Outlets for devices that need continuous power, like routers
  • Consists of wall mount for wireless remote
  • 1-year limited warranty $100,000 equipment warranty

With the Conserve Switch, you are going to effortlessly reduce power consumption and save on power costs..
Up to six devices can be controlled by the wall-mount remote switch. Save Energy with a Single ClickA typical household spends an typical of $30 per year by leaving laptop or computer technique devices on but not in use. The Conserve Switch Surge Protector assists to get rid of wasted power and to maintain your electronics nicely-organized and protected. The included wireless remote has a 60-foot range and does not require a line of sight to the surge protector.
Eight Versatile Surge-Protected OutletsThe Conserve Switch gives a total of eight surge-protected outlets, six of which are switchable and two that are always on. This implies that you can connect up to six devices that can be controlled by the remote, and two devices that will generally remain on. The Constantly-On Outlets are valuable for devices that call for a continual flow of energy, such as routers, alarm clocks, cable modems, or DVRs.
For hassle-free operation, the Conserve Switch attributes a re-settable circuit breaker, a "not grounded" light to indicate when a ground is not present, and a manual override button to manage switched outlets. It also protects sensitive electronics from power spikes or surges with 1000 joules of surge protection.
Intelligent Space-Saving DesignThe Conserve Switch has a slim design that saves space. A sliding safety cover on each outlet offers added protection, and a cable management system keeps cords neat and organized.
Save Even Extra with ConserveFor greater convenience and energy savings, you can location extra Conserve Switch units all through the house and manage them all with a single remote.
The Conserve Switch Surge Protector is backed by a restricted a single-year warranty and a $100,000 connected equipment warranty.
About Belkin's Conserve ProductsBelkin Conserve items help you to do your part by producing it easier to lessen your energy consumption.
Calculation based on a computer system, printer, scanner, monitor, external challenging drive, and external speakers on, but not active, for 20 hours per day, at $.117 expense per kilowatt hour. (Sources: U.S. Energy Information and facts AdministrationU.S. Department of Power).
What is in the BoxBelkin F7C01008 Conserve Switch Surge Protector 8-Outlet, wireless remote switch (battery included) remote switch wall mount and user's guide [PDF].
Certified Frustration-Absolutely free has certified this product's packaging is Frustration-Absolutely free. A Frustration-Free of charge Package is quick-to-open and comes without excess packaging supplies such as tough plastic "clamshell" casings, plastic bindings, and wire ties. It is precisely the identical as a traditionally packaged product--we've just streamlined the packaging to be opened without having the use of a box cutter or knife and will protect your item just as well as classic packaging during shipping. Goods with Frustration-Absolutely free Packaging can regularly be shipped in their personal boxes, devoid of the will need for an further shipping box. Study way more.

Conserve Loved ones
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F7C01008qConserve Switch Surge Protector
"Cut power with the flip of a switch"
"Find electricity wasters"
"A powerstrip that turns off when your Television turns off"
"It really is a timer for your power"
"A residence for your mobile devices"
"Remote-controlled surge protector"
  • Cuts power totally to cut down power fees
  • Easy-to-see illuminated switch
  • Lets you leave cords plugged in with no drawing power

  • Assists Make Much better Power Choices
  • Customizable for Completely different Electric Rates
  • Tracking Feature monitors actual usage

  • Compatible with all Tv brands
  • Basic Setup
  • 1080 joules of surge protection
  • Functions with satellite/cable boxes

  • Simple and easy to Set
  • Saves Energy
  • Keeps House Safe

  • Charges 4 devices
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Frees up wall outlets
  • Reduces clutter

  • Wireless remote with mount
  • Save energy and remove standby power
  • 6 wirelessly controlled outlets
  • 2 at all times-on outlets for satellites and DVRs

Uses:Electric grill, coffee maker, clothes iron, heater, all electric items
Makes use of:Television, stereo, microwave, heater, all electric items
Uses:Television, DVD player, stereo, cd player, cable/satellite box
Utilizes:Space heater, curling iron, electric toothbrush, etc.
Makes use of:Cell phones, mp3 players and mobile devices in general
Utilizes:Tv, DVD player, DVR, stereo, cable/satellite box
Belkin Conserve Switch - Energy Saving Surge with Remote (F7C01008q)
Belkin Conserve Switch F7C01008q Energy-Saving Surge with Remote

Technical Details

  • Control power to your whole computer system with a single click. Place remote on a desk or shelf, or mount it on the wall - 60 foot range; line of sight not required.
  • The wireless remote switch lets you shut off power-including standby power - to up to six devices at once: your computer, monitor.
  • Two Always-On Outlets stay on for devices that need continuous power, like your router or cordless phone.
  • 4 foot cord length.
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Client Evaluations

The challenge getting that most of today's electronics and the varied chargers continue to consume smaller amounts of electricity when not in use and the waste can add up.
Brief evaluation
This surge protector makes it possible for for up to eight devices to be plugged in with sufficient area for the wider DC adapters to fit and it will defend them against power surges. What makes it 'special' is, of course, the remote manage that will absolutely shut off all but two of the outlets so nothing, not even stand-by power is consumed. This is excellent for the reason that it saves some energy and I suspect that the devices for which the power was absolutely shut down are superior protected in the event of a spike. With the remote on my desk, I located that I virtually always remember to shut items down when I'm accomplished.
A lot more facts
The following are noteworthy, in my view.
+ Very simple remote control with a 60 ft. range and no line of sight requirement to turn off all but 2 of the outlets - it really is what makes this device unique.
+ On-Off switch could be mounted on a wall (mounting screws not provided) or merely glued to the wall or the side of your desk (adhesive tape supplied).
+ eight-outlet capacity with a lot of area for the wider AC adapters.
+ 'Always on' light shows that power is present.
+ 'Not grounded' red light (need to be off) will warn you when there's anything wrong. Belkin's warranty won't apply if the light was on when your devices got fried. I don't know if for a reality but I assume they have a way of telling if that was the case.
+ 'Remote-Switched Outlets' light shows when switched outlets are active.
+ Manual override button enables for direct control of switched outlets. A must have when the remote's battery needs replacing.
+ Clip for cable management. If you don't have to have it - and I did not - you can basically pull it and it comes out simply.
+ Thin (one particular inch) and flat shape. Sits nicely on any flat surface, in most cases the floor.
+ It really is potential to manage several similar devices with one remote control or have every single respond to its personal on-off remote - the manual shows you how to set them up.
+ four foot long cord.
The only negative I can feel of is the overhyped up to $100,000 protection promised if your gear is destroyed by a power surge. When you read the fine print you recognize that by the way it is worded, it would almost certainly expense you alot more to fulfill the needs and prove your case than whatever you are most likely to get IF you are effective.
I like Belkin's opting for simplicity - click 'off' and you're accomplished - over the way more complex semi-intelligent energy saving power strips that several will find tough to set up and do not continually perform the way one particular expects. With me in manage, at least I won't be blaming an individual else if something goes wrong. The outlets that I can turn off when not utilizing them should really possibly not waste 25-35W each hour for 12+ hours every single day plus weekends. Not poor and it need to quite possibly pay for itself following about a year of use.
I am awarding five stars to this item that addresses real issues by supplying a realistic solution. It is conceivable that the power strips of the future are going to be a lot far more intelligent than today's but, till then, this is the optimal solution for me.
If you have a great deal more only one particular or 2 wide AC adapters the improved selection can be Belkin's Belkin Conserve Switch F7C01110q AV Power-Saving AV Surge with Remote. It has two extra switched outlets (eight instead of six) but, because then physical footprint is the very same, they are a tiny even more crowded so you will have to be a lot more inventive when deciding what to plug in exactly where. I have one of every single and I am pleased with both.

I was searching for a thing I could attach to my entertainment program, cable modem and wifi router and effortlessly power all off to save power when not in use when I'm at perform/sleeping/out of town and turn back on when I was residence. I liked this product when I initial got it, it did what it mentioned it would do and the remote worked from anyplace in my condo.
Even so, 2 weeks in the remote would no longer send the signal to turn the unit off. I could manually turn it off and turn it back on with the remote, but that was it. Nonetheless, given that the power strip is placed in an area that is not effortlessly accessible, the unit no longer served its objective.
I've ordered a replacement by way of Amazon, I'll follow up just after the new unit gets some use to see if this is a persistent trouble.
Belkin Conserve Switch F7C01008q Energy-Saving Surge with Remote

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