Monster Cable MP AV 800 PowerCenter with Surge Protection


Monster Cable MP AV 800 PowerCenter with Surge Protection


Monster Cable MP AV 800 PowerCenter with Surge Protection
You Save : $30.01 (60%)
Monster Cable MP AV 800 PowerCenter with Surge Protection

Item Description

From the Manufacturer
Technologies TodayAdvancements in technologies have brought quicker, greater definition goods that are capable of processing big amounts of information but are also rather sensitive to the elements that drive them. Too tiny power and these devices will not function at an optimum level, too considerably power and these devices can be damaged beyond repair.
The Ups and Downs of PowerAC Power by nature is ever-changing, appliances turning on and off in your household causes voltages to surge and spike, and this is sometimes noticeable in the form of lights suddenly dimming. This causes a state of flux for the power operating your delicate electronic devices, lowering the performance of the audio/video as well as causing harm to the elements. Other conditions such as power outages and lightning strikes only increase this fluctuation. Correct connection to an advanced surge protector that offers integrated method protection can aid reduce the danger of permanent surge harm...
Protection You Can Rely OnUnlike normal surge protectors, the Monster PowerCenter AV 800 with SurgeGaurd protection provides several layers of defense against damaging surges and spikes. With strategically placed many Metal Oxide Varasitors that respond within a single nanosecond to power surges and voltage spikes, your equipment is nicely protected from damage. Combine this protection with Monster's ultra-low loss RF circuitry and signal loss is minimized on coax connections, delivering your components with peak efficiency for signals from RF sources.
Producing Life EasierIn addition to guarding your useful electronics, Monster PowerCenter gives convenience for connecting and placement generic surge protectors cannot. The FlatProfile plug enables for furniture to be flush with your walls, and the color-coded labeled outlets let you know just what is connected, no extra unplugging the wrong device. All this combines with a generous eight-foot powered cord, ensuring that no wall outlet is out of reach...
Peace of MindWith Monster PowerCenter AV 600 you can rest easy figuring out that if a thing will need to go wrong, your connected equipment is protected by Monsters Connected Gear Warranty. That is something you cannot find on a generic power strip...
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Monster a number of surge guard circuitry absorbs damaging power surges to give you audio video technique protectionharmful power surges and voltage spikes can travel up ac power and coax connections and harm your components. Lightning, automatic garage doors, power tools, refrigerators and fluorescent lights all lead to power surges and voltage spikes that can travel up ac power lines and coax cables to harm the sensitive electronic circuitry of your connected audio video elements. Ordinary surge protectors, or the so-known as "value brands", typically fail to supply the adequate level of protection your av components need. Plus, common surge protectors typically result in as considerably as 20 to 30db of signal loss which can adversely have an effect on the output overall performance levels of coax connections. Suitable connection to an advanced surge protector that presents integrated program protection can assist minimize the danger of permanent surge harm. In contrast to typical surge protectors, the monster PowerCenter av800 with Surgeguard protection supplies many layers of defense against damaging surges. Strategically placed many metal oxide varasitors respond inside a single nanosecond (a billionth of a second) to power surges and voltage spikes prior to they can reach and harm your audio video components. Plus, monster's ultra-low loss RF circuitry minimizes signal loss to retain the peak output overall performance of your coax connections. monster PowerCenters make life simpler. Monster's flatprofile plug lets you push your furniture flush against the wall. And, with color-coded outlets and cord labels, you can prevent unplugging your VCR by mistake, causing it to blink "12:00". Finally, a generous eight-foot monster power cord, which is the optimum length to reach most electrical outlets, is included. Now you can get protection from damaging surges, voltage spikes and inconvenience! Monster's PowerCenters provide high efficiency solutions for today's technologies challenges.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 1.40" H x 3.88" W x 10.13" L; weight: 2.30 lbs.
  • Color-coded, labeled outlets and matching cord labels for easy hookup.
  • 8 ft. Monster AC power cable with FlatProfile? right angle plug provides flexibility for installations.
  • Eight outlets total, including three spaced for use with AC adapter transformers.
  • Maximum conductivity 24k gold contact, grounded right angle plug lets furniture hug walls.

Customer Critiques

I purchased two surge protectors at the same time. One particular was the Monster AV 800, the other was APC Overall performance SurgeArrest 11 (PF11VT3).
The Monster is fine. Most importantly, it will need to do a good job of what it is designed for: extension cord + surge protection. It does NOT have a phone line protection, just for coax cables. But if your only criteria is regardless of whether it does it's job, it gets an A in that region.
But, I'm a lot more picky, so here are extra items for consideration:
It has a correct angle plug permitting it to be plugged easily to a wall behind a desk or other tight spots. The plug is angled towards the perfect hand side, so it's improved if you happen to be going to maintain the surge protector on the ideal hand side of the wall outlet. My equipment was on the left side of the outlet on the wall, so the plug looks a small weird for me the APC unit has a left angle, so that was a much better fit. Clearly this is purely cosmetic.
I also have mixed feelings about the color-coded outlets. They also come with stickers so that you can tag the power cords, so that you know which cord belongs to which unit. That definitely tends to make factors simple when you have to have to unplug just one of the items. On the other hand, considering the fact that each plug is titled with a particular equipment name (Television, VCR, DVD Player), if you are plugging some thing else, you are stuck with making use of one particular of the current tags so you have to sub-optimize. Once again, just a cosmetic complaint.
But, overall, the key reason I am not as passionate about the AV800 is that it is not as fantastic a worth as APC Performance SurgeArrest model is. I purchased both at the similar value (About $30 on Amazon). But:
a) APC comes with telephone line protection, Monster does not (and in fact, you can connect two equipments to the very same phone line on APC, so it also acts as a telephone-line splitter)
b) APC has security shutters on its outlets, Monster does not (Though they do make it slightly even more challenging to plug items in and out of the APC unit, and some complain about this. I find it as a helpful feature)
c) APC has 11 outlets, Monster has eight.
d) On APC, 2 of the outlets are "always on", though the remaining eight can be swtiched on and off using the switch on the unit. This is useful, if you are going on vacation and want to leave only your VCR or DVR on for recording, but want to cut power off from your amplifier, your Television, and any other equipment. When you initially set it up, just make positive to put your VCR on the usually on plugs. Then you can flip the switch to off and leave. Monster AV800 does not have such a function, so the switch turns all outlets off.
e) Cord Guide - APC also has a cord guide, so you can group all cords together and guide them from a single finish of the surge protector, producing it look a tiny tidier. It really is not perfect, but greater than nothing (which is what Monster has).
Lastly, if you are obsessed about the joule rating (I am not), the APC also has a greater joule rating at 2030 joules.
They each get the standard job carried out, but the APC comes with a lot more bells and whistles, producing life just a little a lot easier, but for the very same price.

If you are as ignorant as I am about joules, spikes, amps and associated stuff, how can you possibly know which surge protector to invest in? Even if you bone up on the terminology and the tests, you're kidding yourself if you come out of it thinking you now know sufficient to make an intelligent selection.
Ultimately, the way you find out if you have a superior surge protector is when it gets hit. Shudder.
I got hit fairly challenging by lightning final night. A local transformer took a direct strike and thousands of us lost all power for hours. The surge blew out a number of breakers in my power distribution box (in spite of a dwelling surge suppressor).
One of the circuits that wasn't blown out supplied power to my Tv and connected elements. When the power was restored, this Monster Cable surge protector emitted a high-pitch tone and would not turn back on. I replaced it, and almost everything functions perfectly.
I can only guess what would have happened to a couple thousand dollars worth of equipment if this $25.00 surge protector wasn't in place. Possibly far more pricey units supply even far better protection, but this a single surely worked for me.

You Save : $30.01 (60%)
Monster Cable MP AV 800 PowerCenter with Surge Protection

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