Tripp Lite TLP606 6-Outlet Surge Protector (790 Joules)


Tripp Lite TLP606 6-Outlet Surge Protector (790 Joules)


You Save : $5.80 (41%)
Tripp Lite TLP606 6-Outlet Surge Protector (790 Joules)
Tripp Lite TLP606 6-Outlet Surge Protector (790 Joules)

Product Description

From the Manufacturer
It could happen in the blink of the eye: a sudden power surge that damages or destroys your valuable electronic components. And even if a catastrophic surge never strikes, smaller power fluctuations and electromagnetic line noise can disrupt gear settings and corrupt or erase critical information. The resolution to guard your computer and other electronics from surge damage and data loss? Tripp Lite's TLP606 Guard It!™ Surge Suppressor. In a single compact, cost-beneficial unit, the TLP606 offers dependable surge protection for all electronics. It capabilities a 720-joule surge suppression rating—more joules mean much more protection for your beneficial elements! The TLP606 also filters out disruptive line noise that can degrade component overall performance, helping to assure that your gear performs at its peak.
Feature Focus
Tripp Lite's TLP606 Surge Suppressor Offers:
  • Economical surge protection for all house and office electronics
  • 720-joule surge suppression rating
  • 6 surge-protected AC outlets six-ft. cord
  • $20,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage coverage for connected gear
  • Lifetime item warranty

TLP606 offers trustworthy surge protection for all electronicsClick here for a larger image
Built-In Diagnostic Capability
Versatile Protection for All Electronics
The TLP606 gives economical surge protection for PCs, peripheral devices and all electronics. It gives 6 AC outlets, such as a single outlet that accommodates a bulky transformer with no blocking other outlets. A 6-ft. cord enables connection to a distant wall outlet.
Improved Component Overall performance
Numerous electromagnetic and radio sources can cause disruptive interference on the AC line. This line noise is a typical result in of incremental hardware harm, data corruption and performance difficulties. The TLP606 incorporates technology that filters out disruptive line noise, preventing it from affecting your equipment, and helping to assure peak performance.
Potent AC Line Surge Suppression
The TLP606 provides 720 joules of surge suppression to stop surges from damaging your beneficial electronics. Consists of full typical mode (H-N) and common mode (N-G/H-G) line surge suppression.
Built-In Diagnostic Capability
A green diagnostic LED indicates that surge protection is accessible. If this PROTECTED LED ever goes out, merely return the TLP606 to Tripp Lite for a free of charge replacement. An illuminated master switch delivers one-touch power manage more than all elements.
Ultimate Peace of Mind
The TLP606 comes with $20,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance—guaranteed lifetime protection for your equipment in case of surge damage, which includes direct lightning strikes. And it really is uncomplicated: Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage begins the moment you purchase the TLP606, with no forms to fill out or send in. Moreover, this Tripp Lite Protect It! Surge Suppressor is backed by a lifetime item warranty and a rapid-response, no-queries-asked replacement policy that's unmatched in the market.
Also Out there
Tripp Lite manufactures a complete line of power and connectivity solutions—UPS systems, power distribution units, surge suppressors, cables and connectivity solutions, rack enclosures and more—for just about every application, from the desktop to the datacenter.
Technical Specifications
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Voltage compatibility:
120 VAC
Frequency compatibility:
50/60 Hz
Output volt amp capacity (amps):
Overload protection:
15-amp circuit breaker
AC suppression rating (joules):
Outlet quantity/sort:
six x 5-15R
Input cord:
six ft.
Input plug:
On/Off power/circuit breaker switch1 diagnostic LED
Dimensions (HWD):
1.26 x 10.35 x 1.65
1.1 lbs.
Material of construction:
Agency approvals:
UL 1449 UL 1363RoHS
Tripp Lite Protects and Connects All Your Electronics
TLP606B Defend It!™ Surge Suppressor
Economical surge protection for all electronics. This surge suppressor characteristics an desirable all-black color scheme, high-impact plastic housing, 720-joule surge protection rating, 6 outlets like one transformer outlet, 6-ft. power cord, $20,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage and lifetime product warranty.
SUPER7 Defend It!™ Surge Suppressor
Dependable surge protection for computers and all electronics. This surge suppressor functions a high-impact plastic housing, 2160-joule surge protection rating, 7 outlets such as two transformer outlets, 7-ft. power cord with suitable-angle plug, $75,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance and lifetime product warranty.
TLP810NET Guard It!™ A/V Surge Suppressor
Reliable surge protection for A/V elements and all electronics. This surge suppressor characteristics a high-influence plastic housing, 3240-joule surge protection rating, 8 outlets with built-in safety covers, gold coaxial surge protection, tel/DSL (RJ11) surge protection and tel/Ethernet (RJ45) surge protection, 10-ft. power cord with suitable-angle plug, $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage and lifetime item warranty.
Green ECO550UPS Standby UPS Program
battery backup protection for PCs and all electronics. The ECO550UPS delivers 550VA/300W power capacity with 8 outlets (4 UPS/surge, three ECO/surge, 1 surge only) plus single-line tel/DSL (RJ11) surge protection. ECO outlets get rid of energy-wasting phantom loads to lower your electric bill. The ECO550UPS supports a basic desktop Pc for up to 17 minutes in the course of power failures. $100,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance 3-year product warranty.
P022-001 18AWG Power Extension/Adapter Cable—1 ft.
Attaches to an current power cord to extend its length by 1 ft. Can also be utilized to connect AC adapters and transformers, preventing them from blocking other outlets on a surge suppressor or power strip. Normal 5-15R receptacle and five-15P plug. Lifetime item warranty.
Tripp Lite''s TLP606 offers economical AC surge suppression for protection of workstations, desktop PCs, telecom systems and other sensitive electronics. Built-in AC surge suppression shields connected gear from harm and performance complications due to transient surges. TLP606 offers 6 total outlets, 6 foot cord and diagnostic LED to warn of suppressor damage. AC suppression rated at 750 joules shields gear from surges and line noise. Appealing white suppressor housing with keyhole mounting tabs give convenient protection of desktop personal computer gear and accessories. $20,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage (USA Canada Only).

Technical Details

  • Economical surge protection for all electronics
  • 790-joule surge suppression rating
  • 6 surge-protected AC outlets including one transformer outlet; 6-ft. cord
  • Lighted On/Off power switch
  • $20,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance; lifetime product warranty switch

Client Evaluations

January 1, 2010 I had a power surge in my property that fried my personal computer. Soon after some analysis into the trouble, I discovered out that the Philip's surge bar I was applying never ever tripped and the surge went straight through it into my personal computer. (Dealing with Philips was the most significant load of bull ever and they by no means refunded me for my laptop.)
I did a lot of research on surge protectors right after that and I have replaced all my surge bars with this 1. I have but to have a power surge although I have had these installed, but from other evaluations of consumers who have Tripp-Lite seems to be genuinely easy to work with and they back up their goods. Which just after dealing with Philips, is extremely, pretty very important.

I bought this surge protector for my new LED Tv. Thank God I didn't listen to the salesperson at Bestbuy and purchase the accessories there. The cheapest surge protector they had was $50! I had to wait for this for a handful of days but it is all worth it!

You Save : $5.80 (41%)
Tripp Lite TLP606 6-Outlet Surge Protector (790 Joules)

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