Belkin Conserve Smart AV F7C007q Energy-Saving Power Strip


Belkin Conserve Smart AV F7C007q Energy-Saving Power Strip


You Save : $1.73 (6%)
Belkin Conserve Smart AV F7C007q Energy-Saving Power Strip
Belkin Conserve Smart AV F7C007q Energy-Saving Power Strip

Item Description

From the Manufacturer
The Belkin Conserve Smart AV Power Saving Power Strip lets you control power to your whole entertainment technique with the push of a button--your TV's power button. The green colored Master Outlet senses when your Television is on or off and controls energy to five peripheral outlets for your AV components. When you turn your Television off, power to the peripheral components goes off as well--such as standby power--so no energy is wasted.

F7C007 Conserve Wise AVEnergy Saving Energy StripAt a Glance:
  • Automatically turns off electronic equipment when you turn your Tv off
  • 8 total outlets for VCRs, DVRs, game consoles, receivers, and much more
  • Compatible with all Tv brands
  • Master-Controlled Outlets lets you turn off energy applying only Television on/off button
  • two Not-Controlled Outlets for devices that will need continuous energy--like DVRs
  • 1-year limited warranty

8 total outlets for VCRs, DVRs, game consoles, receivers, and a lot more. .
By turning off a master device--such as a Television--up to 5 additional devices will simultaneously be turned off. .
Power Strip Turns Off When Your Tv Turns OffLeaving your house entertainment process devices on all the time can add up to $67 of wasted energy a year. The Smart AV saves cash and power by cutting down on wasted power.
Saves Power AutomaticallyThe green-colored Master Outlet attributes detection technology that senses the energy state of your device for maximum compatibility with a range of items. The Intelligent AV lets you control up to six numerous devices with your TV's on/off energy. It automatically shuts down Master-Controlled Outlets when the master device (e.g. your Tv) is turned off, and then automatically powers up Master-Controlled Outlets when master device is turned on. This helps reduce wasted energy to cut down on general power consumption in your household.
The Wise AV automatically turns off DVD players, VCRs, game consoles, receivers, subwoofers, and more when you turn your Tv off, and it protects sensitive electronics from energy spikes or surges with 1000 joules of surge protection.
Rapid, Effortless Set-UpThe Intelligent AV is swift to set up. Simply plug a "master" device--most most likely a television or stereo amplifier-- into the green Master Outlet. This master device will then manage the 5 Master-Controlled Outlets, which are suitable for those devices, like DVD players VCRs and game consoles that do not need continual round-the-clock energy. Cable/Satellite boxes, and DVRs, which need 24-hour energy, ought to be plugged into a single of the two dark gray Not-Controlled Outlets.
Space-Saving, Versatile DesignTo save space, the Smart AV has a narrow footprint. Furthermore, wall-mounting holes make it effortless to place the surge protector behind furniture.
The Conserve Intelligent AV Energy Saving Energy Strip is backed by a limited a single-year warranty and a $100,000 connected gear warranty.
About Belkin's Conserve ProductsBelkin Conserve items can help you to do your part by making it a lot easier to lessen your energy consumption.
House entertainment center equipment savings are based on the difference in between energy drawn by connected gear in Idle Mode versus shutting off outlets to the connected gear. Estimate based on applying Conserve Intelligent AV energy strip with all Non-Energy Star AV peripherals in Idle Mode specified in ULE ECVP 108 Energy Savings for Power Saving Energy Strips - September 22, 2010. Savings may well vary based on usage and actual gear connected.
Based on 1228kWh estimated power savings validated by UL Atmosphere working with ULE ECVP 108 Power Savings for Energy Saving Power Strips - September 22, 2010. Dollar figure based on US Department of Energy average retail cost for residential electricity of $.1132 per kilowatt-hour.
What is in the BoxBelkin F7C007 Conserve Smart AV Energy Saving Energy Strip and user's manual [PDF].

Conserve Family
F7C016Power Switch
F7C005Insight Power Use Monitor
F7C007Smart AV Automobile-Off Surge Protector
F7C009Socket Power Timer
F7C008Valet Smart USB Charging Station
F7C01008qConserve Switch Surge Protector
"Cut energy with the flip of a switch"
"Obtain electrical energy wasters"
"A powerstrip that turns off when your Television turns off"
"It's a timer for your power"
"A residence for your mobile devices"
"Remote-controlled surge protector"
  • Cuts energy completely to lower power charges
  • Straightforward-to-see illuminated switch
  • Lets you leave cords plugged in with out drawing energy

  • Assists Make Improved Power Decisions
  • Customizable for Diverse Electric Rates
  • Tracking Feature monitors actual usage

  • Compatible with all Tv brands
  • Straightforward Setup
  • 1080 joules of surge protection
  • Functions with satellite/cable boxes

  • Uncomplicated to Set
  • Saves Energy
  • Keeps Dwelling Secure

  • Charges 4 devices
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Frees up wall outlets
  • Reduces clutter

  • Wireless remote with mount
  • Save energy and eliminate standby power
  • 6 wirelessly controlled outlets
  • 2 consistently-on outlets for satellites and DVRs

Makes use of:Electric grill, coffee maker, clothing iron, heater, all electric items
Utilizes:Tv, stereo, microwave, heater, all electric things
Makes use of:Tv, DVD player, stereo, cd player, cable/satellite box
Makes use of:Space heater, curling iron, electric toothbrush, etc.
Makes use of:Cell phones, mp3 players and mobile devices in general
Uses:Tv, DVD player, DVR, stereo, cable/satellite box
Belkin Conserve Smart AV - Power Saving Energy Strip (F7C007q)
You Save : $1.73 (6%)
Belkin Conserve Smart AV F7C007q Energy-Saving Power Strip

Technical Details

  • Saves energy automatically by turning off TV peripherals when you turn off your TV
  • The Master Outlet detects when your TV is on or off and controls power to five Controlled outlets for DVD players, VCRs
  • 2 Not-Controlled outlets for continuous power to cable/satellite boxes and DVRs
  • 1080 Joules surge protection to protect sensitive electronics; $100,000 connected equipment warranty
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Consumer Critiques

Length:: 1:38 Mins
Brief video showing the operation of the Belkin Conserve Power Saving Power Strip. It does knock out the vampire energy suck to the other devices, in my case only 5 watts. I plugged the complete issue into a monitor - the Kill A Watt to decide power usage when it was on and off.

I've been thinking about purchasing a controlled power strip for quite some time. Now that I have a residence theater with a ton of elements, with combined vampire energy that is somewhat considerable (standby modes have to die!), it was time to take the plunge.
What do I like most about this Belkin unit? It just works. It arrives in a nondescript cardboard package with a tiny tiny booklet, alerting you to the truth that you can just plug this in and let it function as intended. I have my plasma Television in the manage outlet, and the rest of the devices are as follows: 1) Onkyo AVR, 2) PS3, 3) XBOX, four) Wii, 5) Subwoofer. Note: if you have a powered subwoofer, I extremely advocate applying the strip to control it. For whatever reason, almost all subwoofers use an inordinate amount of energy when in standby mode. So, in practice: I turn the Television on and the rest of the electronics have power inside two-3 seconds. I turn the Tv off and everything shuts down in about five-6 seconds. I like the delay on shutdown. For instance, it takes a handful of seconds for the PS3 to entirely power down. So if I forget the PS3 is not yet off and kill the Television, the delay is lengthy adequate to enable the PS3 to cycle off before cutting energy. Regardless of whether intended by style or not, great.
I looked extensively at the "Smart Strip" units also sold on Amazon before the Belkin was on the market. They seem like fine goods, but many users complained that adjusting the sensitivity was difficult and the strip would quite often fail to properly identify no matter whether the control piece of gear was on or off. As with anything, YMMV. This Belkin has no such adjustment, possibly indicating the internal sensitivity is just far better. It has worked flawlessly just about every time for me.
The only factor I do not like about this unit is readily apparent ahead of shopping for, but just be aware: I wish it had more controlled outlets! Not a con for the reason that I bought it being aware of full well its outlet capacity, but we at all times want a lot more.
In conclusion, if you have a home theater, invest in this strip!

You Save : $1.73 (6%)
Belkin Conserve Smart AV F7C007q Energy-Saving Power Strip

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