Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger


Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger


Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger
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Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger

Item Description

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From the Manufacturer
Whether or not you're crossing continents or just heading across town, the Belkin BZ103050-TVL Mini Surge Protector/Dual USB Charger is the type of travel companion that tends to make your life less difficult. Featuring 3 protected AC outlets, two protected, powered USB outlets, and a exclusive rotating plug design that lets you perform in tight spaces, this compact surge protector lets you plug in and charge all your essential devices wherever you are.

Mini Surge Protector/Dual USB ChargerAt a Glance:
  • 3 AC outlets and two powered USB ports
  • Full protection on all outlets
  • 360-degree rotating plug with four locking positions
  • Includes mini-USB cable for charging phones, MP3 players, and other devices
  • Lifetime Item and $75,000 Connected Equipment Warranties

You can simply slip this mini surge protector into your laptop bag or carry-on.

Consists of mini-USB cable for charging phones, MP3 players, and other devices.Handy, Reliable Design for Be concerned-Cost-free TravelHotel rooms, airport terminals, and coffee shops never seem to have sufficient power outlets to handle all your devices at when. With the Belkin Mini Surge Protector you no longer have to select what to charge first.
This surge protector acts as a power strip, letting you plug three AC devices into a single wall outlet. It is rated to deal with 918 Joules and supplies protection against power surges and spikes, given that the smart traveler is seeking for protection of necessary gear and irreplaceable data, not just added outlets.
Two Powered USB Outlets Let You Charge A lot more Devices EasilyIn addition to its three AC outlets, this surge protector features two protected, powered USB outlets, so you can very easily charge your iPod along with other USB devices. These USB outlets do not transmit information and the surge protector cannot be implemented as a hub, but they do make it exceptionally straightforward to maintain devices that are charged by way of USB interfaces up and operating without having blocking your computer's USB ports or the AC outlets that you want for larger devices.
Plus you may very well be able to leave lengthy, tangle-friendly cords and clunky item-precise chargers at property, since this mini surge protector comes with a mini-USB cable. This is especially convenient now that a lot of phones, such as Blackberries and Motorola RAZR phones, function USB power connections.
Special, Efficient Style with Rotating Plug for Added VersatilityIts compact, lightweight, and efficient style means that you can quickly slip this mini surge protector into your laptop bag or carry-on, and because Belkin knows that operating on the road usually signifies trying to plug in in spite of awkward outlet or furnishings positioning, a 360-degree rotating plug with 4 locking positions tends to make it straightforward to use this device in tight spaces.
About Belkin International, Inc.Belkin delivers a diverse product mix that supplies persons with seamless electronics integration in their houses, vehicles, and on the go. Founded in California in 1983, Belkin is a privately held provider and the recognized leader in connectivity solutions, in addition to accessories for MP3 devices, computers, and even more. We provide extensive solutions for networking, home theater-with our PureAV line of cables, power, and digital wireless accessories-and a number of more categories. Belkin's phenomenal growth has led to our expanding international presence. In addition to corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, we now have offices all through Europe-in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany, amongst other people-and in the Asia Pacific region, like Australia, Shanghai, and our regional headquarters in Hong Kong.
The Belkin Mini Surge Protector/Dual USB Charger is backed by a lifetime warranty and a $75,000 Connected Gear Warranty.
What's in the BoxMini Surge Protector/Dual USB Charger, mini-USB power cable, and user guide.

Connected Gear Warranty
Number of Outlets
USB Ports
Joule Rating
Network Protection
Telephone Line Protection
Coax Protection
Power Safety Shut Down
Overload Protection
Cord Length
1-Outlet Wall-Mount

six-Outlet Wall-Mount

Guard your electronic devices even though traveling.

Technical Details

  • 360-degree rotating plug with 4 locking position
  • Provides complete surge protection through all outlets
  • Offers compact, lightweight, efficient design
  • Features mini-USB cable to charge virtually any USB device including BlackBerry and Motorola RAZR phones
  • Comes with Lifetime Product and $75,000 Connected Equipment Warranties

Buyer Evaluations

I've been looking for a item that can extend the outlet on my bathroom for the electrical items that I use. I finally came across this Belkin mini surge protector and attributes:
- three AC power outlets
- 2 USB outlets ONLY for charging (not information transfer) at 5V / 500mA at every single port
- Surge protection on all 5 outlets
- 918 Joules Energy Dissipation
- 125V / 15A / 1,875W Continuous Duty Electrical Rating
- 36,000A Maximum Spike Current
- Lifetime Warranty on product
- USD75,0000.00 connected equipment warranty
- 360 degree rotating plug lockable into four conceivable positions
Hassle-free, sophisticated design in a smooth plastic casing of white and light grey colour. When plugged, the green LED light will indicate if the power source is grounded.
The box comes with 1 USB to mini-USB cable to get you started in charging your USB devices as well.
DO NOT throw the prong cover that initially comes attached to the surge protector prong. As the manual states (for those who nonetheless care to read the User Manual these days), you can use this plastic prong cover to help further balance the device against any surface. You do this by inserting the plastic prong cover on the bottom of the surge device through a compact notch. Also, the plastic cover is handy to use when traveling. Ahead of dumping the surge protector along with your other devices, cover the prongs to avoid it from scratching other objects.
The prongs can be rotated 360 degrees loosely. But, there are 4 positions that allow you to lock it so it doesn't flail along clumsily in any direction. You do this by pressing into the rear a "release button". It really is not a raised button, but a flat plastic portion that you have to press hard in order to release the lock. It really is fairly troublesome (at least with the model I received) at initial and feels like I'm going to break the plastic button. But I guess if this is standard then it can be construed as a safety measure so it doesn't very easily rotate with a easy touch.
The term "mini" is subjective. It isn't honestly that compact as I would assume from seeing the photo. It is little, yes. Yet, as a surge protector that can take 3 AC and two USB outlets, I will give Belkin the benefit of naming it a mini device.
I would STRONGLY choose the re-style of the spacing on the AC outlets by allowing larger plugs connected side-by-side. As it is proper now, only usual AC plugs and not block-style plugs are allowed with no loosing all 3 outlets. So my proposal is to delete the middle AC outlet and move it to the finish-cap of the device (opposite to the two USB outlets). As of now, there is nothing there so rather than cramp the three AC plugs, then move the third at the end and therefore allowing for block-style plugs to be utilized and nevertheless retaining the three AC functionality.
I would not hesitate to advocate the purchase of this surge protection for compact spaces as nicely as travel purposes specially with the lifetime warranty and quantity of protection is offers.
Take note of the selling value Amazon and the other individuals are selling this at. It's ridiculous to see the selling price tag of this precise device can range anyplace from USD10 to USD30.
Lastly, BE Aware of the SPECS so you know if the USB device you are plugging is capable of becoming charged.

To get directly to this items flaw... It cannot recharge/power more than a single USB item at a time. So what is the point in getting two USB outputs?
The 120V outlets operate as advertised. The capacity to rotate the prongs is a plus as it can be adjusted to most if not all outlets.
The USB power fails if a lot more than a single item at a time is plugged into the surge protector. Even if, say your telephone is totally charged, if you go to connect a different item to run or charge, the surge protector will not supply the power that each items demand. The items that are connected will act as if they have been disconnected from their power supply, then once the surge protector accumulates enough power(not particular, but appear to act as if there are capacitors)to start off supplying power as soon as once more the items connected to the USB ports start to operate briefly till the surge protector cannot provide adequate power for the two items.
As stated just before, it will provide One item with power, devoid of a trouble. But will not supply adequate power for two, even if a single item is fully charged.
Thank you Jeff Backe, I've been placing off editing this post in response to all the individuals saying that '500mA is the standard' for pretty some time. This 500mA WAS the standard well ahead of i created this purchase. The newer standard for wall chargers, which I believe this falls below, has been out given that around mid 2007. This new specification UP TO 1800mA(1.8A) per port.
When I produced my buy there also weren't the nice images the show you the existing rates. So there certainly wasn't any way for me to know this till I received it.
One other thing, this item is rated at 500mA(.5mA) per port but is not truly limited to 500mA at the port if you only plug in one item. In other words, the way this item is configured it will in reality put out the full 1000mA(1A)by way of one particular port, hence the reason you can plug in a high existing draw device employing a single port. But when you plug in that second item the 1000mA is now split in half or however considerably each and every device is trying to draw. It is only in a position to maintain up with this high demand for a short even though till its capacitors are drained and cuts off supplying power, then rapidly recharges the capacitors and re-establishes the provide of power as soon as again. I doubt this cycling can not be decent for either device.

You Save : $5.45 (25%)
Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger

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