Fellowes CRC99090 Mighty 8 Surge


Fellowes CRC99090 Mighty 8 Surge


You Save : $2.70 (14%)
Fellowes CRC99090 Mighty 8 Surge
Fellowes CRC99090 Mighty 8 Surge

Product Description

Fellowes Mighty 8 Outlet Surge Protector 99090 Surge Suppressors
You Save : $2.70 (14%)
Fellowes CRC99090 Mighty 8 Surge

Technical Details

  • Mighty 8 Surge Protector has been engineered to put the outlets and power you need in the smallest possible footprint.
  • It has 8 outlets of power, 1300 joules of protection, and accommodates up to 5 power adapters.
  • Ul approved and comes with a $50,000 connected equipment warranty and lifetime product warranty.
  • Other features include 6' power cord, right angle plug, and an on/off switch with 15 amp circuit breaker.

Customer Evaluations

I got this power strip to use with my media center, and it functions quite well.
- Low-priced and really good high quality.
- Devoted ports for power bricks.
- Inventive style saves a bit of space.
- Lengthy cord.
- Flat plug style.
- The design of the plug indicates that it blocks the bottom wall outlet if you plug it into the leading outlet. It would have been nicer if the cable had been angled to the left or suitable instead of going straight down.
- The cord is stiff, producing it troublesome to position the surge protector.
- The creative design means that cables will cross more than each and every other when you use all the outlets.
General, it's really really good for the cost, but if you happen to be like me and you like to preserve your cables neat, this surge protector can be a tiny tricky.

I ordered that Fellowes 99090 to defend a new personal computer and the numerous peripherals that attach to it. Its most desirable characteristics are the price tag, the compact form and the innovative design permitting for as a large number of as eight plugs to attach to it. So far, I am pleased with my purchase.
Right here are the specs and features:
- three line protection
- suitable-angle plug
- 15-Amp circuit breaker
- 120V 60Hz
- Noise filtering 40-45dB
- Joule rating 1300
- UL 1449 Rating/Clamping Level 330
- six ft. chord
- Illuminated on/off switch
- LED surge indicator
- Up to 8 outlets
The warranty paper claims 'lifetime' for the item itself and up to $50,000 on connected equipment for five years.
The lifetime in 'lifetime warranty' promise is not the purchaser's life but the life of the product itself. To quote from the Fellowes warranty document, "the lifetime of the product is deemed to be the time till the item naturally ceases to present surge protection". In other words, there is a warranty on the product for as extended as it operates. To quote once more, "when the LED fails to light, the item has performed its duty" and the lifetime warranty is no longer in effect.
As for the $50,000 connected gear warranty, the paper enumerates ten situations beneath which the warranty becomes null and void like "4. Fellowes determines that the gear was not damaged by an Occasion or that no Event took location. 5. Fellowes determines that the Surge Protector was not correctly installed, was tampered with, or was altered in any way."
To conclude, this is superior worth for the price but forget about the warranties. I am taking a single star away for the warranty claims.

You Save : $2.70 (14%)
Fellowes CRC99090 Mighty 8 Surge

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