Monster Cable MP AV600 Power Protector


Monster Cable MP AV600 Power Protector


You Save : $5.01 (25%)
Monster Cable MP AV600 Power Protector
Monster Cable MP AV600 Power Protector

Item Description

Technologies TodayAdvancements in technology have brought more rapidly, higher definition merchandise that are capable of processing large amounts of information but are also really sensitive to the elements that drive them. Too tiny power and these devices will not function at an optimum level, too much power and these devices can be damaged beyond repair.
The Ups and Downs of PowerAC Power by nature is ever-changing, appliances turning on and off in your residence causes voltages to surge and spike, and this is at times noticeable in the form of lights suddenly dimming. This causes a state of flux for the power operating your delicate electronic devices, lowering the performance of the audio/video as well as causing damage to the components. Other circumstances such as power outages and lightning strikes only enhance this fluctuation. Proper connection to an advanced surge protector that offers integrated method protection can aid decrease the danger of permanent surge damage...
Protection You Can Rely OnUnlike typical surge protectors, the Monster PowerCenter AV 600 with SurgeGaurd protection gives multiple Metal Oxide Varasitors that respond within one nanosecond to power surges and voltage spikes, your equipment is well protected from damage.
Producing Life EasierIn addition to guarding your beneficial electronics, Monster PowerCenter supplies convenience for connecting and placement generic surge protectors can't. The FlatProfile plug makes it possible for for furnishings to be flush with your walls, and the color-coded labeled outlets let you know just what is connected, no additional unplugging the wrong device. All this combines with a generous eight-foot powered cord, ensuring that no wall outlet is out of reach...
Peace of MindWith Monster PowerCenter AV 600 you can rest simple recognizing that if something really should go incorrect, your connected gear is protected by Monsters Connected Gear Warranty. That is one thing you can't acquire on a generic power strip...
AV 600
AV 700
AV 800
HTS 850
HTS 950
HDP 850G
Connected Gear Warranty:
Number of Outlets:
Joule Rating:
Network Protection:
Coax Protection:
Phone Line Protection:
Stage 1 Clean Power:
Green Power:
Monster Cable MP AV600 Audio Video PowerProtect® AV600 6 outlets
You Save : $5.01 (25%)
Monster Cable MP AV600 Power Protector

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 1.57" H x 2.04" W x 11.13" L; weight: 1.74 lbs.
  • Slim design for easy placement in tight areas. $10,000 Monster guaranteed connected equipment protection and a 5 year product warranty.
  • Color-coded, labeled outlets and matching cord labels for easy hookup.
  • 8 ft. Monster AC power cable with FlatProfile right angle plug provides flexibility for installations.

Buyer Critiques

I've put to use Monster surge protectors in the past and had no reason to complain but when place to the test, this one entirely failed me. This is your standard surge protector strip, with ideal angle plug and color-coded plugs for a number of audio-visual components. But does it give them sufficient protection? Regrettably it did not for me. I was working with it for my Tivo-Tv combination and a negative storm one day fried the difficult drive in my Tivo. So dock a couple of stars for it failing to correctly safeguard my device. So now I get to experience this Monster warranty approach. Suffice to say, you will be lucky if you get something out of them, or can fulfill the requirements and 3 pages of information they want you to send them. In my case, I have a Tivo DVD that no a single inside a number of hundred miles of me is "authorized" to repair as they demand, and they demand an inspection of the damaged gear by such a technician prior to filing a claim. I have to order a replacement portion on the world-wide-web, which they do not accept and they will not reimburse immediately after the truth. You also have to spend to send the surge protector back to them for inspection as well, so fundamentally you have to invest a substantial amount of dollars to file a claim and could possibly get certainly absolutely nothing out of it. So basically, the warranty in a lot of instances is of little use and not worth the trouble they put you through versus just paying for repairs yourself. So you can dock one other star or two for that. So although I like the design of this surge protector, I quite possibly will go seeking for an additional one particular that will appropriately shield my gear at least.

This item failed soon after one month of use.
There seem to be two breakers in this item:
The very first one particular is tied to the "reset" button. This circuit is closest to the shared socket side.
The second a single is tied to the "on/off switch". This circuit is closest to the wall side.
The on/off switch is nonetheless lit up.
Then again, none of the devices are getting power. The Reset button is useless and does not operate.
This item will be returned.

You Save : $5.01 (25%)
Monster Cable MP AV600 Power Protector

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