Monster MP AV 625 Audio Video PowerCenter


Monster MP AV 625 Audio Video PowerCenter


You Save : $5.95 (17%)
Monster MP AV 625 Audio Video PowerCenter
Monster MP AV 625 Audio Video PowerCenter

Item Description

From the Manufacturer
Keep all your AV equipment protected with Advanced Dual Mode Plus power protection with the Monster AV 625 Audio Video PowerCenter. The AV 625 capabilities 7 surge-protected AC outlets and a single pair of low-loss protected coax connections for cable Tv/antenna with up to 1080 joules of Dual Mode Plus power protection. Widespread surges and spikes can readily damage or destroy your beneficial AV electronics. Exclusive Dual Mode Plus automatically disconnects to isolate your equipment from surges and spikes. It also sounds an alarm to let you know that the PowerCenter has protected your electronics from harmful power conditions.

Surges and spikes can travel not only on your AC power line, but on cable Tv and antenna lines as nicely. The AV 625 PowerCenter characteristics surge protected coax connections for these lines.
Fireproof Protection Against Harmful Surges and Spikes
Power surges can harm not only your valuable property theater equipment but can also start a fire in your property. The AV 625 presents superior fireproof technology to maintain you secure from the dangers of electrical surge.

Monster Ceramic-Encased MOVs
Ordinary surge protectors use plastic-coated MOVs--metal oxide varistors--to absorb excess voltage. Effective surges can melt the plastic coating, potentially causing a fire.
The Monster Audio/Video PowerCenter AV 625 capabilities ceramic-encased MOVs for superior fire protection. The ceramic enclosure is produced of fireproof material comparable to that used on the space shuttle to give you peace of thoughts that your household theater and, additional importantly, your dwelling is safe.
The Monsterous Guarantee
Monster Power is "Monsterously" confident about the AV 625's advanced power protection, which is why Monster will replace up to $300,000 worth of your gear if it is damaged by power circumstances. With Monster Power on your side, you are going to have the additional peace of mind that your beneficial household theater equipment is covered.
Audio Video PowerCenter AV 625. 7 outlet power, 1 pair coax.
You Save : $5.95 (17%)
Monster MP AV 625 Audio Video PowerCenter

Technical Details

  • 1080 joules of protection
  • $300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
  • Seven surge-protected AC outlets
  • Ceramic-encased MOVs reduce risk of fire caused by power surges
  • Dual Mode Plus power protection automatically disconnects from dangerous power conditions and sounds and an alarm
  • 7 surge-protected AC outlets

Consumer Critiques

This power strip has not let me down in the past 9 months that I have owned it. Nevertheless, the price tag is a bit high in my opinion.

This is a good item. We have frequent lightning storms and this is a have to have. I appreciate that it will beep if there is a challenge with the power strip so I will know if or when it demands to be replaced (right after getting absorber a strike or overage). Must have for Floridians

You Save : $5.95 (17%)
Monster MP AV 625 Audio Video PowerCenter

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