Tripp Lite TLP810SAT 8-Outlet Surge Protector (3240 Joules, Tel/DSL/Coax)


Tripp Lite TLP810SAT 8-Outlet Surge Protector (3240 Joules, Tel/DSL/Coax)


You Save : $25.76 (44%)
Tripp Lite TLP810SAT 8-Outlet Surge Protector (3240 Joules, Tel/DSL/Coax)
Tripp Lite TLP810SAT 8-Outlet Surge Protector (3240 Joules, Tel/DSL/Coax)

Product Description

From the Manufacturer
It could take place in the blink of the eye: a sudden energy surge that damages or destroys your beneficial audio/video gear. And even if a catastrophic surge in no way strikes, smaller power fluctuations and electromagnetic line noise can degrade picture and sound superior, disrupt equipment settings or corrupt recordings. The resolution to defend your complete dwelling theater method from surge harm and energy-related performance concerns? Tripp Lite's TLP810SAT Safeguard It!™ A/V Surge Suppressor. In one compact, expense-reliable unit, the TLP810SAT provides comprehensive protection and efficiency enhancement for your A/V components and all electronics. It attributes a high 3240-joule surge suppression rating—more joules mean alot more protection for your useful elements! The TLP810SAT also filters out disruptive line noise that can degrade image and sound high-quality, helping to assure that you delight in the complete audio and video performance you paid for.
Feature Focus
Tripp Lite's TLP810SAT Surge Suppressor Presents:
  • Advanced surge protection for all household and workplace electronics
  • 3240-joule surge suppression rating
  • 8 surge-protected AC outlets plus coaxial and tel/DSL line protection 10-ft. cord
  • $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage coverage for connected gear
  • Lifetime item warranty

TLP810SAT gives reliable surge protection for all electronicsClick here for a bigger image
Versatile Protection for All Electronics
The TLP810SAT gives cost-beneficial surge protection and performance enhancement for A/V elements, PCs, peripheral devices and all electronics. It gives 8 AC outlets, like three widely spaced outlets that accommodate bulky transformers devoid of blocking other outlets. A 10-ft. cord enables connection to a distant wall outlet and a space-saving appropriate-angle plug will allow furnishings to be placed flush against the wall.
Protection for Every Connection
Telephone and coaxial connections represent a prospective back door via which a damaging surge could reach your gear. The TLP810SAT includes built-in tel/DSL (RJ11) jacks to stop surges from damaging your modem/fax/phone gear (six-ft. telephone cord included) and two sets of built-in Type F gold coax jacks prevent surges from damaging your cable/satellite gear (digital broadband high-quality accommodates two.2GHz bandwidth 2 x 6-ft. coax cables included). Two-line coax protection enables you to safeguard each a cable and a satellite connection with 1 surge suppressor.
Protection for Just about every Connection
Enhanced Component Performance
Numerous electromagnetic and radio sources can cause disruptive interference on the AC line. This line noise is a prevalent cause of incremental hardware damage, information corruption and audio/video performance troubles. The TLP810SAT incorporates technologies that filters out disruptive line noise, preventing it from affecting your gear, and helping to assure peak audio and video efficiency.
Powerful AC Line Surge Suppression
The TLP810SAT capabilities the highest surge protection rating in its class—3240 joules of surge suppression to avoid even the strongest surges from damaging your valuable electronics. Contains full standard mode (H-N) and widespread mode (N-G/H-G) line surge suppression.
Built-In Diagnostic and Alarm Capabilities
Built-In Diagnostic and Alarm Capabilities
Two diagnostic LEDs (GROUNDED PROTECTED) show energy and protection status, enabling you to recognize power troubles before they influence your useful gear. The GROUNDED LED verifies that the TLP810SAT is connected to a adequately grounded wall outlet. The PROTECTED LED indicates that surge protection is obtainable. If this PROTECTED LED ever goes out, basically return the TLP810SAT to Tripp Lite for a free replacement. Also, an audible alarm will sound if surge protection circuitry suffers fails—perfect for installations exactly where the LEDs are not visible. An illuminated master switch delivers a single-touch energy manage more than all elements.
Ultimate Peace of Thoughts
The TLP810SAT comes with $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance—guaranteed lifetime protection for your equipment in case of surge harm, like direct lightning strikes. And it really is simple: Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage coverage starts the moment you purchase the TLP810SAT, with no forms to fill out or send in. Additionally, this Tripp Lite Defend It! Surge Suppressor is backed by a lifetime product warranty and a rapid-response, no-questions-asked replacement policy that's unmatched in the industry.
Also Out there
Tripp Lite manufactures a complete line of power and connectivity solutions—UPS systems, energy distribution units, surge suppressors, cables and connectivity solutions, rack enclosures and more—for just about every application, from the desktop to the datacenter.
Technical Specifications
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Voltage compatibility:
120 VAC
Frequency compatibility:
50/60 Hz
Output volt amp capacity (amps):
Overload protection:
15-amp circuit breaker
AC suppression rating (joules):
Outlet quantity/type:
8 x 5-15RRJ11 tel/DSL jacks (1 set)2.2 GHz coaxial jacks (2 sets)
Input cord:
10 ft.
Input plug:
5-15P correct-angle
On/Off energy/circuit breaker switch2 diagnostic LEDsAudible alarm
Dimensions (HWD):
1.51 x 9.55 x 4.86 in.
two.02 lbs.
Material of construction:
Agency approvals:
UL 1449, UL 1363 UL 497A FCC Part 68 / Industrie Canada (telecom)RoHS
What's in the Box
  • TLP810SAT Surge Suppressor
  • One particular 6-ft. RJ11 telephone cord
  • Two 6-ft. coaxial cables

Tripp Lite Protects and Connects All Your Electronics
TLP810NET Defend It!™ A/V Surge Suppressor
Trustworthy surge protection for A/V elements and all electronics. This surge suppressor attributes a high-impact plastic housing, 3240-joule surge protection rating, 8 outlets with built-in safety covers, gold coaxial surge protection, tel/DSL (RJ11) surge protection and tel/Ethernet (RJ45) surge protection, ten-ft. energy cord with appropriate-angle plug, $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance and lifetime item warranty.
RG59 Coaxial Cables
For all video elements (such as cable and satellite receivers, VCR, DVD, coax-enabled Tv) with Coax F kind threaded connections. Tripp Lite RG59 Coax F-Type cables are constructed to assure extended life, reliability and crystal-clear video. Double-shielded 23 gauge 75ohm cable with 24K gold-plated screw kind F connectors and completely molded ends. On the market in six-ft. (A200-006), 12-ft. (A200-012) and 25-ft. (A200-025) lengths. Lifetime item warranty.
P410-007-SR Fax/Modem Flat Silver Patch Cable—7 ft.
Connects a fax or laptop modem to a wall telephone jack or the RJ11 jack on a surge protector with phone line protection. Two gold-plated RJ11 (male) connectors. Flat shape permits unobstructed floor runs. Lifetime item warranty.
P022-001 18AWG Energy Extension/Adapter Cable—1 ft.
Attaches to an current energy cord to extend its length by 1 ft. Can also be made use of to connect AC adapters and transformers, preventing them from blocking other outlets on a surge suppressor or power strip. Regular 5-15R receptacle and 5-15P plug. Lifetime product warranty.
Tripp Lite's TLP810SAT Surge Suppressor delivers complete AC, telephone and coax line surge suppression on two lines for comprehensive process protection of dwelling theaters, a/v systems and desktop PCs. Heavy grade AC surge suppression shields connected equipment from harm and efficiency troubles due to the heaviest transient surges. Two pairs of coax line suppression jacks guard any two kind F coax lines for cable-Tv, satellite, broadcast antenna or cable modems. Set of RJ11 jacks offers surge suppression for pay-per-view satellite systems, dial-up and DSL modems, fax machines and cordless phones. TLP810SAT presents 8 total outlets, 10 foot cord with space-saving angled plug and diagnostic LEDs with audible alarm to warn of wiring troubles and suppressor damage. Network grade AC suppression rated at 3240 joules shields equipment from surges and line noise. Integrated child-safety outlet covers safely seal off unused outlets. Attractive black suppressor housing with keyhole mounting tabs and three designated transformer plug outlets provides convenient protection of complete household theatre, a/v and computer equipment and accessories. $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (USA Canada Only) plus surg-associated data recovery warranty.
Primary Capabilities
  • Manufacturer: Tripp Lite
  • Manufacturer Element Number: TLP810SAT
  • Manufacturer Site Address:
  • Plug/Connector Kind: NEMA 5-15P
  • Receptacles: 8 x NEMA5-15R
  • Dataline Protection: RJ-11 Telephone/Modem/Fax/Cable Television/Satellite/Antenna
  • Input Voltage: 120 V AC
  • Output Voltage: 120 V AC
  • Existing: 15A Line Existing
  • Power Cord/Cable: 10 ft
  • Dimensions: 1.five" Height x 4.25" Width x 9.25" Depth
  • Common Warranty: Lifetime

  • You Save : $25.76 (44%)
    Tripp Lite TLP810SAT 8-Outlet Surge Protector (3240 Joules, Tel/DSL/Coax)

    Technical Details

    • Advanced surge protection for A/V components and all electronics
    • High 3240-joule surge suppression rating (more joules mean more protection)
    • Improves audio and video performance so components perform at their peak
    • 8 surge-protected AC outlets plus coaxial and tel/DSL line protection
    • $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance; lifetime product warranty

    You Save : $25.76 (44%)
    Tripp Lite TLP810SAT 8-Outlet Surge Protector (3240 Joules, Tel/DSL/Coax)

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