Belkin SurgeCube Surge Protector, 1-Outlet Home Series


Belkin SurgeCube Surge Protector, 1-Outlet Home Series


Belkin SurgeCube Surge Protector, 1-Outlet Home Series
Belkin SurgeCube Surge Protector, 1-Outlet Home Series

Product Description

The Residence Series delivers 1-Socket Wall Mount direct plug-in surge protector for your general electronics, house appliances, and even more. This single outlet model boasts 885 Joules, 45,000 Maximum Spike Amperage, and a lifetime $50,000 Connected Gear Warranty. Most important Attributes Manufacturer: Belkin Corporation. Manufacturer Part Number: F9H100-CW Manufacturer Web-site Address: www.belkin Plug/Connector Type: NEMA five-15 Receptacles: 1 x NEMA five-15 Dataline Protection: Not Applicable Current: 45kA Maximum Surge Present Regular Warranty: Lifetime Restricted
Belkin SurgeCube Surge Protector, 1-Outlet Home Series

Technical Details

  • Provides complete, 3-line AC protection for electronic devices
  • Features illuminated LEDS to alert you when devices are grounded and protected
  • Plugs directly into the wall to save space and prevent tangled cords
  • Offers lifetime $50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

Customer Reviews

I bought six of these. These are the least high-priced surge protectors I could obtain that have substantial protection against surges. Why do I say this? Two factors:
1) Most affordable surge protectors only protect for surges among the hot and neutral power lines. Superior ones (like this) are known as "three line" surge protectors, with protection from hot to neutral, hot to ground, and neutral to ground.
two) Surge protectors are also rated by the quantity of energy they can absorb. You can find especially inexpensive ones as low as 70 joules. These are specified as absorbing up to 885 joules.
These units also have an LED which tells you if your outlet is grounded, which is beneficial advice.
Yet, on one of the six units I purchased, the ground LED does not illuminate. It's not worth the shipping to send it back, so I took it apart to see if I could spot the dilemma. I couldn't, but the construction is strong and I can verify that there are, in truth, three MOVs (metal oxide varistors - the surge absorbing component of most surge protectors).
I am positive there are greater surge protectors out there, but at this cost point, these are difficult to beat.

Bought this received it rapidly. Plugged it in immediate electrical pop sounds. Had a protected light but no ground light. Checked my outlet and ground was fine. Purchased a replacement and it all is ok. Was not worth return, Decent protector if you get a operating unit. I agree with the reviewer who cited poor top quality manage.
Belkin SurgeCube Surge Protector, 1-Outlet Home Series

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