Mediabridge Ultra Series High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet (6 Feet)


Mediabridge Ultra Series High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet (6 Feet)


You Save : $49.96 (83%)
Mediabridge Ultra Series High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet (6 Feet)
Mediabridge Ultra Series High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet (6 Feet)

Item Description

Mediabridge Ultra Series - High Speed HDMI® Cable with Ethernet - Supports 3D, Audio Return Channel and Up To 4K Resolution Acquire With ConfidenceUnlike most HDMI Sellers, Mediabridge Items is an Official HDMI Adopter Licensed by HDMI Licensing, LLC. See our certificate in item pictures section.Superior ConstructionMediabridge's Full Metal Jacket Connectors produce the pinnacle of protection from physical strain and electronic interference.HDMI combines each audio and video into one cable so it really is all you need to have to connect your HDTV to your Blu-Ray Player, 3D Tv, Roku, Boxee, Xbox360, PS3, Apple Tv, Streaming Player, HD Cable Box, Computer or any HD device with an HDMI output.Compatibility- Supports 3D Content material- 4K, 1440p, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i Resolutions- Audio Return Channel-- Supports Highest Refresh Rates On the market- Transfer Rates of Up to 340Mhz or ten.2gbps- Accurate HD Dolby 7.1 and DTS-HD Master Audio- HDCP Compliant- Ethernet Channel For Sharing Web In between HDMI DevicesNOTE: HDMI Ports that help Ethernet Channel are needed for world wide web sharing. Ethernet Channel has no effect on audio or video and does not impact compatibility with devices that do not use the world wide web. This cable is the ideal resolution for the most simple setup as well as the most advanced.Physical Specifications - 28 AWG Cable - Thicker For Durability But Flexible Due to Soft PVC Jacket- Complete Metal Jacket Connectors - For Durability and Interference Protection- Shielding All through Cable- Gold Plated Warranty and Technical SupportMediabridge HDMI Cables are backed by a Restricted Lifetime Warranty. HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.
You Save : $49.96 (83%)
Mediabridge Ultra Series High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet (6 Feet)

Technical Details

  • Buy with confidence. Buy from an Official HDMI Adopter. Mediabridge's official HDMI adopter certificate is shown above in the picture section, and our official credentials can be confirmed by visiting the official HDMI website and clicking on "List of Adopters".
  • Premium grade connector shielding achieved via the use of a unique full metal jacket (as pictured in the picture section). Fully Shielded Heavy Duty 28 Gauge Premium Grade Cable with Soft PVC Jacket.
  • Supports 3D Technology, 4K, Ethernet Channel, Audio Return Channel, 1440p and 1080p FullHD Resolution
  • Category 2 Certified - High-Speed 10.2 gbps / 340 MHz (Supports Increased Refresh Rates and 48-Bit Deep Color)
  • Compatible with Blu-Ray, 3D Television, Roku, Boxee, Xbox, PS3, Apple TV, Streaming Player

Consumer Evaluations

Just in case an individual might feel guilty for not paying a lot extra for, essentially the exact same point, let's appear at our top rated of the line offer, Monster HDMI 1000HD Ultra-High Speed HDMI Cable (2 meters) and do a rapid comparison.
This item supports the HDMI 1.3b normal which is practically as very good as it gets (1.3c does not add anything at all special). Any HDMI 1.three cable can carry up to ten.2 Gbit/s. Hmmm... I suppose the Monster is substantially improved, ideal? Nicely... it "guarantees a certified cable bandwidth of ten.two" Okay, but the Monster also supports "x.v.Color, and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD". It turns out that, all of the above, and far more, are component of the HDMI 1.3 specs and they are fully supported by each cable that complies to the regular and can be had for about 90% less in the Mediabridge. The high-priced brand presentation simply enumerates the HDMI 1.3 specs as if it becoming HDMI 1.3 compliant was a genuinely big deal. It is not a major deal. Even a cable that fees 95% much less is HDMI 1.three compliant.
My suggestion: if you believe that the proponents of the pricey brand have a point when they claim that their product is a lot additional sturdy, purchase TWO Media Bridge wires and nonetheless pay nearly 80% much less than you would spend for one of the high-priced ones.
My personal encounter: I've never ever paid 'a lot' for an HDMI cable for the reason that it tends to make no sense to pay significantly more. I took household one of the 'expensive' ones as soon as because the salesman promised to take it back if I wasn't amazed by the difference. It created zero difference and I returned it.
The following are the HDMI 1.three specs and all certified HDMI 1.three cables (like Monster) are going to help them.
Maximum signal bandwidth (MHz) 340
Maximum TMDS bandwidth (Gbit/s) 10.2
Maximum video bandwidth (Gbit/s) eight.16
Maximum audio bandwidth (Mbit/s) 36.86
Maximum Color Depth (bit/px) 48
Maximum resolution over single link at 24-bit/px 2560×1600p75
Maximum resolution over single link at 30-bit/px 2560×1600p60
Maximum resolution more than single link at 36-bit/px 1920x1200p75
Maximum resolution more than single link at 48-bit/px 1920×1200p60
eight channel LPCM/192 kHz/24-bit audio capability
Blu-ray Disc video and audio at full resolution
Customer Electronic Manage (CEC)
DVD-Audio assistance
Super Audio CD (DSD) help
Deep Color
Auto lip-sync
Dolby TrueHD bitstream capable
DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream capable
Updated list of CEC commands (only on HDMI 1.3a,b,c)

Ok so I am a girl and I am not significantly of a techie but I did not want to invest $100 on an HDMI cable. I came to Amazon and read a lot of the product evaluations.
I very first bought the the HDMI cable from ClearAV, it was inexpesive and not the best product. It expense me a little more than $4 for the item and SH. I tested it on my upconverting Panasonic DVD player on 1080i resolution on my 40" 1080p Samsung LCD Tv but it had poor signal quality and the cable was not an HDMI version 1.three. So when I played my DVDs the image would go on and off and so would the sound and there was a flashing line on my screen. Then I believed possibly I want to get yet another cable but nevertheless was not prepared to spend $100.
I continued to do my investigation and realized that not all HDMI cables were created equal :( So I decided to attempt my luck once again with the MEDIABRIDGE : "Premium 6ft 1.3b Category 2 Super High Speed HDMI Cable - 1080p - PS3 - Blu-Ray." THIS CABLE IS THE Genuine Point : the true HDMI version 1.3b Category two certified (whatever that implies but sounds like a genuinely great point) which can be implemented with blu-ray or PS3 and will give you awesome 48-bit color. I paid a small beneath $7 for almost everything i.e for the item and SH. The 1st issue I noticed was that it has the "HDMI" embossed on the cable may not mean much but I thought it was note worthy. Second, the cable was thick and sturdy as opposed to the frequent 1 I previously bought. Third, apparently it really is gold plated, I do not know how to prove this but it sure appears shiny :)
OK so I got the item two organization days later from MEDIABRIDGE( I was so pleased it arrived promptly), I attempted it final night and every thing was ideal. I didn't have to wiggle the cable to see if I could get a much better signal, audio and image top quality. Just plugged almost everything in and a single, two, we had been in home business. I even did my Core Secrets workout with all the movements and I still got ideal picture and sound. I will need to have just paid $2 additional to start with for a greater high quality item...take it from me...I am girl with not substantially expertise on such stuff but I know a amazing item when I see one particular.
Hopefully it will final me a extended time :) I am off to do my study on the Play Station console, I am curious to see how a lot much better Blu-Ray picture good quality sense in purchasing an high-priced Blu- Ray dvd player when I can just get the game correct?

You Save : $49.96 (83%)
Mediabridge Ultra Series High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet (6 Feet)

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