Monster Cable MP HTS800 Home Theater PowerCenter HTS800 With Coax Protection


Monster Cable MP HTS800 Home Theater PowerCenter HTS800 With Coax Protection


You Save : $72.00 (72%)
Monster Cable MP HTS800 Home Theater PowerCenter HTS800 With Coax Protection
Monster Cable MP HTS800 Home Theater PowerCenter HTS800 With Coax Protection

Product Description

Technologies TodayAdvancements in technologies have brought more rapidly, larger definition merchandise that are capable of processing large amounts of information but are also rather sensitive to the elements that drive them. Too tiny energy and these devices will not function at an optimum level, also considerably power and these devices can be damaged beyond repair.
The Ups and Downs of PowerAC Power by nature is ever-altering, appliances turning on and off in your house causes voltages to surge and spike, and this is sometimes noticeable in the form of lights suddenly dimming. This causes a state of flux for the energy running your delicate electronic devices, lowering the overall performance of the audio/video as well as causing harm to the components. Other situations such as energy outages and lightning strikes only enhance this fluctuation. Right connection to an advanced surge protector that provides integrated technique protection can help decrease the danger of permanent surge damage...

Protection You Can Rely OnUnlike regular surge protectors, the Monster PowerCenter HTS 850 with SurgeGaurd gives protection against harmful surges and spikes by strategically placed mulitple Metal Oxide Varasitors that respond within 1 nanosecond to power surges and voltage spikes, your equipment is well protected from harm. Combine this protection with Monster's ultra-low loss RF circuitry and signal loss is minimized on coax connections, providing your components with peak efficiency for signal from RF sources. Generic surge protectors can have as substantially as 20 to 30 dB of signal loss which ultimately affects the output efficiency of coax connections.
Keeping it CleanFluctuations in power are poor sufficient for appropriate electronic devices functionality add the noise pollution in power lines created by the appliances in your property and outside interference, and protection is only the beginning of the requirement.Electrical power tools, refrigerators, air conditioners, radio transmitters, cell phones- all generate electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise which pollutes AC energy.The pollution in the power line has an adverse impact on the efficiency of electronic devices, stopping them from performing at at an optimum level. Video will not be as crisp and jittery audio will sound unclear and precise to the point of even obtaining noticeable levels of buzzes and noise. Monster's Clean Power circuitry filters out power pollution by utilizing special filters to dramatically minimize electronic noise on your AC power line. You are going to see a alot more vivid image and hear extra natural sound with increased dynamic range and less noise giving back the overall performance you by no means knew you lost...
Producing Life EasierIn addition to protecting your useful electronics, Monster PowerCenter provides convenience for connecting and placement generic surge protectors can't. The FlatProfile plug enables for furniture to be flush with your walls, and the color-coded labeled outlets let you know just what is connected, no a lot more unplugging the incorrect device. All this combines with a generous 8-foot powered cord, making certain that no wall outlet is out of reach...Peace of MindWith Monster PowerCenter HTS 850 you can rest simple figuring out that if anything will need to go incorrect, your connected equipment is protected by Monsters Connected Gear Warranty. That is one thing you can't get on a generic power strip...
AV 600
AV 700
AV 800
HTS 850
HTS 950
HDP 850G
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You Save : $72.00 (72%)
Monster Cable MP HTS800 Home Theater PowerCenter HTS800 With Coax Protection

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 1.40" H x 3.88" W x 10.13" L; weight: 1.31 lbs.
  • Monster Clean Power? Stage 1 v2.0 filter to provide noise-free power to your sensitive electronic components.
  • Color-coded, labeled outlets and matching cord labels for easy hookup.
  • 8 ft. Monster AC power cable with FlatProfile? right angle plug provides flexibility for installations.
  • Eight outlets total, including three spaced for use with AC adapter transformers.

Client Critiques

The property I reside in was built in 1939 they didn't have TVs back in 1939 the outlets aren't even 3 prong grounded except for one the landlord had to have put in with a larger capacity circuit to accomodate that new fangled gadget--the air conditioner.
So when I picked up my new Sharp Aquos, 1080p, 42" tv I was quite susceptible to the pitch that I should certainly obtain only the most highly-priced surge protector / line noise reducer attainable, the a great deal more high priced the better--but I'm not a sucker so I didn't buy it right there and then.
Subsequent store, Finest Obtain, the salesperson recommends the HTS800 as the minimum, and he recommends a great deal more high-priced ones but not with as significantly zeal. The difference is that the Top Buy salesperson does not work for commission. The logic is of course that if you're going to spend $1500 for a Tv, you could as effectively devote a further $100 or so to shield it from electrical surges and clean up the image static brought on by line noise in both our ancient power provide and by our cable provider.
I come across this on Amazon for no much less than a 40 percent discount more than what I can get it for anywhere else, and order it, but just before I open the package I go to the Monster webpage to make totally certain this 1 is adaquate--and it is. The difference amongst this and larger finish ones is the capacity and the capacity for the unit to not only shut off and sound an alarm when there is a surge, but also turn every thing back on safely.
This one will turn off every thing that's hooked into it and sound an alarm, besides cleansing up the line noise, but that's as far as the description goes.
OK, so I open the package and hook it up. WOW. Certainly large difference in the picture on the set. I do not consider a a lot more costly one particular would make a fantastic distinction or that it would be worth it for me--on my level of residence entertainment--to spend a great deal more for a 'better' a single.
And then, a single day soon right after, I hear an alarm warning me about a unsafe surge, but it does not shut down the program. Possibly just to assure me, a different day it does shut down the cable box only AND then came back on.
But the actual prize is the image. There is a huge difference among the top quality of the picture on my HD television with this filtering the energy and cable lines. I'm thinking of shopping for yet another one particular for my old Tv--a Sony Trinitron--given that I'm certain it have to make a difference there as well.
BOTTOM LINE: If you live in a relatively new building, your electrical system is likely not as substantially of a hazard as mine, but may possibly be just as noisy. And surges are continually a enormous danger, even if you have all new appliances. For what you devote on items like televisions, stereos, and game systems, it is worth paying a bit much more to safeguard them from the sort of damage that insurance wont cover--wear and tear--as properly as allow them to execute as intended--much better than they do although on display at your neighborhood electronics shop in fact.
This item will not only shield your delicate electronics, but make them better as nicely. Clearer pictures, clearer sound, and it is just plain intelligent design.
Now that I have this one, I surely would spend for the subsequent level up from this model but I am also confident that this is all I have to have. A greater level one has a lot more characteristics, but for my property entertainment purposes I doubt it would certainly add anything at all. If one particular day I really go all out in terms of purchasing a complete residence theatre method, I will invest a couple of hundred dollars on the ideal a single, but this 1 was made for consumers like me now who don't have such high finish requires but want much better-than-expected overall performance.

I already had a "common" surge protector ahead of I bought an HDTV but I live in an region with frequent electrical storms ... so I believed that this device would preserve me from having to unplug it every single time it storms. Quoted from the directions: Warning-Storm Precautions. In the event of a lightning storm, promptly disconnect your Monster PowerCenter from its power supply. :( Just thought other buyers would like to know.

You Save : $72.00 (72%)
Monster Cable MP HTS800 Home Theater PowerCenter HTS800 With Coax Protection

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