Tripp Lite SPIKECUBE 1 Outlet Direct Plug In Surge Protector (600 Joules)


Tripp Lite SPIKECUBE 1 Outlet Direct Plug In Surge Protector (600 Joules)


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Tripp Lite SPIKECUBE 1 Outlet Direct Plug In Surge Protector (600 Joules)
Tripp Lite SPIKECUBE 1 Outlet Direct Plug In Surge Protector (600 Joules)

Product Description

From the Manufacturer
It could take place in the blink of an eye: a sudden energy surge that damages or destroys your useful electronic equipment. And even if a catastrophic surge under no circumstances strikes, smaller energy fluctuations and electromagnetic line noise can result in incremental hardware damage, efficiency difficulties and data loss. The remedy to defend your electronics from surge damage and energy-related overall performance issues? Tripp Lite's SPIKECUBE Protect It!™ Surge Suppressor. The SPIKECUBE converts any normal wall outlet to a surge suppressor—just plug it in and connect your equipment! It gives 600 joules of surge suppression and also filters out disruptive line noise that can cause performance problems and loss or corruption of very important information.
Feature Concentrate
Tripp Lite's SPIKECUBE Surge Suppressor Delivers:
  • Dependable surge protection for all electronics
  • 600-joule surge suppression rating
  • Single-outlet, direct plug-in design
  • $five,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage coverage for connected equipment
  • Lifetime product warranty

Price-Helpful Surge Protection for Anything with a PlugClick here for a larger image
Diagnostic LEDs
Versatile Protection for All Electronics
The SPIKECUBE offers expense-valuable surge protection for anything with a plug. With its compact, switchless, direct plug-in style, this surge suppressor immediately converts any normal wall outlet to a surge suppressor, creating it best for use with notebook computer systems, video projectors, workplace machines, kitchen appliances and more.
Enhanced Component Efficiency
Various electromagnetic and radio sources can trigger disruptive interference on the AC line. This line noise is a common result in of incremental hardware harm, information corruption and audio/video performance troubles. The SPIKECUBE incorporates technologies that filters out disruptive line noise, stopping it from affecting your gear.
Trustworthy AC Line Surge Suppression
The SPIKECUBE delivers 600 joules of surge suppression to avoid surges from damaging your useful electronics. Contains full normal mode (H-N) and well-known mode (N-G/H-G) line surge suppression.
Diagnostic LEDs
Two diagnostic LEDs (GROUNDED PROTECTED) show power and protection status, enabling you to recognize power troubles before they affect your useful equipment. The GROUNDED LED verifies that the SPIKECUBE is connected to a correctly grounded wall outlet. The PROTECTED LED indicates that surge protection is attainable. If this PROTECTED LED ever goes out, just return the SPIKECUBE to Tripp Lite for a zero cost replacement.
Compact and Transportable
Feather-light and little enough to rest in the palm of your hand, the SPIKECUBE is best for mobile professionals and other travelers who have to have economical, quick-to-carry surge protection for notebook computer systems, cell phones and other portable electronic devices.
Ultimate Peace of Mind
The SPIKECUBE comes with $five,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance—guaranteed lifetime protection for your gear in case of surge damage, including direct lightning strikes. And it is simple: Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage coverage starts the moment you purchase the SPIKECUBE, with no forms to fill out or send in. Furthermore, this Tripp Lite Shield It! Surge Suppressor is backed by a lifetime product warranty and a rapid-response, no-questions-asked replacement policy that's unmatched in the market.
Also Obtainable
Tripp Lite manufactures a full line of power and connectivity solutions—UPS systems, energy distribution units, surge suppressors, cables and connectivity solutions, rack enclosures and more—for each application, from the desktop to the datacenter.
Technical Specifications
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Voltage compatibility:
120 VAC
Frequency compatibility:
60 Hz
Output volt amp capacity (amps):
AC suppression rating (joules):
Outlet quantity/sort:
1 x five-15R
five-15P (direct plug-in)
2 (1 green, 1 red)
Dimensions (HWD):
two.05 x 1.94 x 1.50 in.
.125 lbs.
Materials of construction:
Agency approvals:
UL 1449RoHS
Tripp Lite Protects and Connects All Your Electronics
TRAVELER3USB Guard It!™ Surge Suppressor
This compact surge suppressor attributes a 600-joule surge suppression rating, three AC outlets, 18-in. cord with concealable suitable-angle plug, and two USB charging ports for cell phones, music players and alot more. Includes mini USB cable. $20,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance lifetime warranty.
ULTRABLOK Isobar® Premium Surge Suppressor
This surge suppressor characteristics a 1410-joule surge protection rating, direct plug-in design, rugged all-metal housing, 2 AC outlets and three diagnostic LEDs. Premium Isobar surge suppression technologies stops even the strongest surges. $10,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage lifetime warranty.
U222-007-R 7-Port USB two. Hub
Connects up to 7 USB 2. devices to a pc through a single USB port. Supports information transfer rates up to 480 Mbps. Plug-and-play comfort needs no complicated setup procedures or external energy. Connected devices can be hot-swapped without powering down the laptop or computer. 1-year warranty.
P022-001 Energy Extension/Adapter Cable—1 ft.
Attaches to an current power cord to extend its length by 1 ft. Can also be implemented to connect AC adapters and transformers, stopping them from blocking other outlets on a surge suppressor or power strip. Typical 5-15R receptacle and 5-15P plug. Lifetime warranty.
Green ECO550UPS Standby UPS Method
battery backup protection for PCs and all electronics. The ECO550UPS gives 550VA/300W power capacity with 8 outlets (4 UPS/surge, 3 ECO/surge, 1 surge only) plus single-line tel/DSL (RJ11) surge protection. ECO outlets eliminate energy-wasting phantom loads to reduce your electric bill. The ECO550UPS supports a basic desktop Computer for up to 17 minutes throughout energy failures. $100,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance 3-year warranty.
SMART1000LCD Digital UPS Method
Advanced Automatic Voltage Regulation and battery backup protection for PCs, A/V components and all electronics. The SMART1000LCD offers 1000VA/500W power capacity with 8 outlets (4 UPS/surge, four surge only) plus single-line tel/DSL (RJ11) and coaxial protection. A sizeable illuminated LCD display shows energy and UPS operating conditions in real time. A single USB port with included cable and PowerAlert monitoring software enables protected unattended program shutdown and file saves. The SMART1000LCD supports entry-level PCs for up to 60 minutes for the duration of energy failures. $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage three-year warranty.
The SPIKECUBE Surge Suppressor from Tripp Lite is a direct plug-in suppressor supplying protection on one AC outlet. Its smaller size tends to make it excellent for protecting laptop computers, projectors and other portable electronics. A Protected LED illuminates to indicate that adequate surge suppression is out there. The unit has 600 joules of surge energy absorption.
You Save : $0.66 (7%)
Tripp Lite SPIKECUBE 1 Outlet Direct Plug In Surge Protector (600 Joules)

Technical Details

  • Reliable surge protection for all electronics
  • 600-joule surge suppression rating
  • 1 surge-protected AC outlet
  • Compact direct plug-in design
  • $5,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance; lifetime product warranty

Buyer Evaluations

I was looking for a single outlet surge suppressor for a new treadmill. This 1 is just what I wanted. Grounded (3-prong), has a light to indicate that the suppression is still active, relatively unobtrusive. Tripp-lite is a top quality name and I am pleased with this item.

I noticed that some buddies had their laptops protected by the Tripp Lite SPIKECUBE so I went onto Amazon for extra data. The price tag (<$10 delivered) and the critiques sold me. I purchased 3 of these surge protectors. I've utilized Tripp Lite prior to. I have one particular of their Dwelling Theater power centers, which I appreciate, so I believed it only fitting to purchase this product. It is an low-cost way to get protection for useful laptop or computer/electronics equipment.
It really is wonderful for travelers for the reason that it provides protection for your laptop whilst on the road, and it really is smaller adequate to fit in your laptop case, or luggage. You cannot go wrong.

You Save : $0.66 (7%)
Tripp Lite SPIKECUBE 1 Outlet Direct Plug In Surge Protector (600 Joules)

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